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adventures of

*short story long*
*air conditioning*

          * short story   l o n g *            
                                                                                          © gatehuang 2001

a picture isn't the only way to say a thousand words...

Animated Flash Shorts
Life needs a map
["you are here"]
[where is here?]
[as good as it gets]
[staying lost]
Broken Hearted
[falling down]
[sailing away]
[bitten by the love bug]
[love bites]

Mathematical Definitions*
p = 3.141592654...
m1, m2, ... , mn-1, mn = max|bi-a|;
          where a = start and bi = here (see below --"where is here?");
          for every point i; during interval [t0, tf]; where tf = ti if/f i =(not 0)
n = (number of times t0= a)
r1, rh, ... , rn= 0.5mk;
          where k = h; h in the interval (1, n)
then, approx. total distance : 2n X [for j = 1 to n; sigma (prj)];
[for the time impaired: i feel like i'm going in circles]

*as derived by bluemouse, who has problems calculating sales tax.   she takes no responsibility in any errors that appear. (and what are you doing taking my definitions apart?)